14 Feb 2012

The Inside - Dilwin

Nickname : Dilwin 
Hometown: Hamilton
Studied: Nothing yet ( maybe an arts degree in the near future)
Favorite colour: I don't have one ( the other colours will be sad if I only choose one)
Favorite designer: Ricardo Tisci
favorite pieces in wardrobe: This vintage lambskin coat with a shawl collar that has fuzzy wool . so warm and beautiful and my low cut docmartens
Listening to right now: HOLE
How would I describe my personal style: I think my style is pretty eclectic and really depends in what my mood I'm in. I always like to inject colour into my style and I'm very big on maximalism. Like screw minimalism its great but its gets boring after awhile.
Floral or Stripes: Floral print all the way 
Fashion piece i cannot live without: My shoes I think shoes are the most crucial part of any look if you have a great top or pants but your shoes are just plain boring or just ugly then the whole look is ruined. shoes makes or break a look.
My style icon: Nick Wooster is the menswear fashion director of bergdorf goodman. He is just this all around dapper dude that exudes style and he looks so bad ass while even a pink checkered three piece suit.

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Dilwin's Style Icon - Nick Wooster

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