29 Mar 2012

Gold Details

images from tumblr

both danica & i love black and gold together, its a good way to add some classy sass to your look.
the sequins detailing on the top above is stunning, please someone tell me who this is made by?
and the gold strip at the back of those wedges take these from being just standard to being absolutely flipping amazing.



image from tumblr

love minimalistic looks. especially loving the sunnies.


26 Mar 2012

Get the Misaki Look

Get yourself some goodies over at our Misaki Boutique Facebook page.
We have many more styles available & more will be uploaded very soon. Vintage Pieces and tee's will be for sale by the end of this week. We hope to be stocking more styles aswell.

Hope everyone is having a lovely night

8 Mar 2012

images via tumblr.

with winter fast approaching i am currently on the hunt for the perfect cosy outfits.
in love with the top image - that yellow top and what looks like a shearling jacket in her hand is gorgeous.
also love elin kling's minimal look in the second image.