23 Feb 2012

The Inside - Dani

The Inside this week is featuring Danika, who will be at Blogger Closet Raid next week. We all can't wait!  

Nickname : Dani
Hometown:  Woolgoolga NSW Australia (try saying that three times fast)
Studied:   Studying - Bach of Communication PR degree (online)
Favorite colour: PINK. or green. or pink.
Favorite designer: Chanel, Proenza Schouler and locally KW.
Favorite pieces in wardrobe: Top Shop graphic-fluro-print sale dress that got 3 compliments as I walked along Venice Beach in LA. aaah memories.
Listening to right now: GAGA - in prep for June. 
How would I describe my personal style: mon-fri, black and white - classic and linear (very Chanel) on weekends, bohemian, structured and splashes of colour. with a blazer.
Floral or Stripes: stripes baby!
Fashion piece I cannot live without: Blazer. My new royal blue one is amazeballs.
My style icon: Alexa Chung!!
Blog Link:

                          img via Dani Just is 

21 Feb 2012

What makes you different...

images via notsosouthernbelle

I found a new tumblr this morning "notsosouthernbelle" (the link is posted above) and I'm hooked! Love every single one of the images because they're just so inspiring! 
Also, Danica & I have been very very busy preparing for the blogger closet raid! We've got tones of goodies that will be up for sale and if you can't make it to the event, don't worry!! As we will be putting the rest of the items for sale online afterwards :) 
Lastly, always remember to be yourself and to love yourself first, these are two things which I firmly believe in and encourage everyone else to do!
Hope you're having a good day, much love x

18 Feb 2012

tammy szu

tammyszu youtube channel

Cant get enough of this Youtube Channel, you must check it out.
The style of the music is different from you mainstream radio stations. If your trying to find some good tunes to listen to, well you must visit this page.Tammy szu channel has a wide selection of songs, Ive found some Fave songs from there this week.

Found this on youtube tonight. LATE NIGHT TUNES 


15 Feb 2012

We Love Mira

Mira Duma. 

I have previously blogged about Mira before as she one of my favourite style icons. 
I absolutely adore her personal style and she's never afraid to take risks and looks fab everytime!
Another thing I like about Mira is that she shows us that you don't have to be model height to look great, yay for us shorties! :)

14 Feb 2012

The Inside - Dilwin

Nickname : Dilwin 
Hometown: Hamilton
Studied: Nothing yet ( maybe an arts degree in the near future)
Favorite colour: I don't have one ( the other colours will be sad if I only choose one)
Favorite designer: Ricardo Tisci
favorite pieces in wardrobe: This vintage lambskin coat with a shawl collar that has fuzzy wool . so warm and beautiful and my low cut docmartens
Listening to right now: HOLE
How would I describe my personal style: I think my style is pretty eclectic and really depends in what my mood I'm in. I always like to inject colour into my style and I'm very big on maximalism. Like screw minimalism its great but its gets boring after awhile.
Floral or Stripes: Floral print all the way 
Fashion piece i cannot live without: My shoes I think shoes are the most crucial part of any look if you have a great top or pants but your shoes are just plain boring or just ugly then the whole look is ruined. shoes makes or break a look.
My style icon: Nick Wooster is the menswear fashion director of bergdorf goodman. He is just this all around dapper dude that exudes style and he looks so bad ass while even a pink checkered three piece suit.

Blog Link: 

Dilwin's Style Icon - Nick Wooster

13 Feb 2012

B L O G G E R . C L O S E T . R A I D

Danica and I (Sarah) have such exciting news to share with you all! 
First Thursdays which is an arts festival have created an event with the K Road team to come up with the Blogger Closet Raid. 
The Blogger Closet Raid will be featuring NZ bloggers who will have stalls full of fashionable bits and pieces, arts and crafts and of course pieces from their wardrobes which they wish to sell. 
Its a fantastic chance to meet your favourite bloggers and rummage through all the goods they have for sale. 
We are happy to announce that this is Misaki Boutique's first ever event and we are very very amped and excited! We will have all our stock for sale at the event including YOLO denim, tops, jewelry, hair accessories, vintage and also other goodies! 
We are hoping to see lots of you girls and guys there so make sure you like the facebook page for the Blogger Closet Raid here and attend the event here. Also check out the poster below to get a sneak peak at who you may see at the event and for more details :)

Also a big thanks to the sponsers: 
K'Road Business Association, First Thursdays and White Studios

Hope to see you all there,
Sarah & Danica

8 Feb 2012

The apple of my eye

Im in love with this editorial.
Each piece is elegant & feminine, I wish I could own every single item.
The make up and hair is also amazing.