30 Sep 2012

Leather Love

(Valleygirl blouse, Dotti mini skirt & sunnies)

This dreamy leather-like skirt is so easy to style. It's great for a quick mix and match when I'm running a tad late for work and needing a 30 second grab and throw on instant outfit.

1 Aug 2012

Leather Mini Must Have

1. Balmain £4,011.10 / 2. Versus £590.34

Maybe a present from someone extremely generous maybe?
Or maybe I should just be more realistic and snatch up this mini skirt below.

3. Dotti $49.99

30 Jul 2012


A lot of people may disagree but I personally think that Miley's new style looks great. 
If you've got the body why would you not want to flaunt it?