19 Dec 2011


slightly obsessed with the diy photoshoot project from rag and bone jean. not only does it feature some of my favourite models but what i love to the uttermost about this is that they're pretty much all self taken photos (i.e no professional photographers were involved) and that they were taken in their own time AND mostly without makeup. 

check out the link here to see the full collection of images.


16 Dec 2011

you will never be lonely

images via: because im addicted, studded hearts & lovers in vain.

just a small dose of daily inspiration before starting work. also can't wait to show you all what Danica & I have been working on. still have so much more to do, but we're hoping you all will love it!

p.s title is from a song which i cannot get out of my head! i heard it at work and its just on repeat playing that same sentence over and over! however it is kind of ironic since each of the images only feature one person...anywho!

hope you all have a lovely day x

13 Dec 2011


I will always love pastel colours.

Sneak Peak

Sarah and I have been busy putting things together for Misaki Boutique! Here's a Sneak Peak of what I've been doing.  Bleach Denim Shorts MUST HAVE for this summer! 
YOLO (You only live once) is the final choice for my brand name, was quite a easy decision.

summer influence

images via misakiboutique

just a small selection of images, but i find them very much in the spirit of summer. i think summer is all about being carefree, days at the beach, wearing soft light colours with flowy materials and having fun!

enjoy your day lovelies x

6 Dec 2011

We Need Your Vote

Please vote for Misaki Boutique
Just click on the link xx


via BE YOU.

i will always love black and white photos. it pretty much comes down to the fact that it shows emotion and it shows soul. there is also a much greater intensity, no matter how simple the image is. 

also, as mentioned in the post below from danica, we have started some little projects which is all very exciting and keeping us very very busy at the moment. its all on the down low for now, but once everything is sorted we shall let you all in yaay!

enjoy your day lovelies, sarah x

p.s i think i am in love with this font!

5 Dec 2011

Change it up

Hi everyone! 
Its been awhile since I've posted up on Misaki blog (this is Danica).
Ive had the problem of a "slow laptop", so I couldn't really upload to the blog.
Anyways I've got a brand new iMac. This means you will be seeing more blog post from me.

Exciting new ideas! Are coming your way for 2012.
Sarah and I have planned to start and get things underway with Misaki ASAP.

I've been getting inspiration everywhere, I'm excited to show everyone what I will be doing for Misaki.

I'd like to share with you some of my inspiration images, I have collected. This may give you ideas of what I will be doing