31 Aug 2011


Yesterday night Danica and I attended the Juliette Hogan fashion show at the new Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland. This was my first time ever being at NZFW and what an experience it was (thank you Dan for the tickets!)!! I have never seen so many immaculately dressed women and men in one place before and being surrounded by people who were all there for their love of fashion was simply amazing. The Juliette Hogan show was everything I expected & more! It was full of feminine floaty dresses, sheer fabrics, peter pan collars & the return of the maxi pleated dress.

These are two of my favourite outfits from the show taken by Amber and Hilary. The first outfit was a silky dress with a knit mustard cardi & the second dress was the last outfit for the show. Love everything about it, the collar, the muted tones, the sheerness and the pleated maxi.

Danica looking stunning in all Juliette Hogan.

and myself after the show on the Viaduct.

 Highlights & Lowlights of the day

  • Meeting Juliette Hogan, she is soooo down to earth in real life (highlight).
  • Danica buying her outfit from the Juliette Hogan boutique (highlight). We will definitely return!!
  • Eating my favourite pasta at my favourite food court on Queen St (highlight), then trying a different pasta which was absolutely gross and a waste of money (lowlight).
  • Finding that shops on Queen St. actually have pretty crap service (lowlight).
  • Danica almost ripping her brand new skirt (lowlight), however it didn't rip so (highlight)? lol no clue.
  • Seeing Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage (highlight), not having the balls to get a photo with her (lowlight).
  • Taking photos in the bathroom & then ninja-ing the camera back into my bag before someone came in (highlight) oh good times...
  • McD's on the way home (definitely a highlight).


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